Turning Doctor Visits Into Hot Selling Medical Stock Photos

I Turn My Doctor Visits Into Great Selling Medical Stock Photos

Your life can be a great source of inspiration for your stock photography.  I am going to provide a number of examples of how I have used my life experiences including visits to the doctor and even my own surgeries to directly benefit my stock photo career. Stock pictures are all around us, but often we just fail to realize it.  If you can stay aware and observant you will find your own life can provide some great inspiration, locations, models and more.

Medical Operations Provide Inspiration and Locations

A few years ago I had to have the meniscus cartilage in each knee operated on.  On my left knee I had a meniscus repair; that is the tear in my cartilage was sutured back together.  My right knee simply had the torn portion of the cartilage removed.  I asked the surgeon if it would be OK if I had my assistant photograph the operation.  He agreed and I ended up with some good medical stock photos without having to pay models or location fees (OK, the operation did cost me $10,000.00.oh well!).

The same doctor had his own physical therapy facility for the rehabilitation of his patients.  I asked him if I could use the facility for a stock shoot in exchange for his use of some of the photography.  Again he agreed.  We used several of his staff for models. They both kept an eye on the facility and provided accurate physical therapy information and poses.  The shoot worked out great and our physical therapy stock photos sell extremely well.

In yet another medical example, a year ago I ended up having an emergency abdominal operation.  No time to set anything up with that!  But I ended up having an incisional hernia from the first operation.  Once again, I managed to talk the hospital and surgeon into allowing me to not only have my operation photographed, but videoed as well!  Those images are now up on Getty and the first sales have started coming in.

Offices Provide Great Opportunities To Add To Your Business Stock Photo Collections 

A different opportunity came to me when I dropped off some work at an Art Director's office.  It was a great office and I asked her if we could use the office for a stock shoot.  She agreed and even ended up as a stylist on our shoot.  We shot for three days in the offices and got everything from the lunchroom to the board room to an office fit for any CEO.

Less than a year ago I found myself in a meeting with my fellow Blend Images photographers. I had my camera with me and during the breaks was shooting mainly for fun.  Fun or not, back in my own studio, when I edited the images, I was happily surprised.  I ended up getting a number of those images, primarily out-of-focus shots of my fellow shooters, into Getty images and I am happy to report that they are making sales.

These are just a few instances where what was going on in my life provided inspiration, locations, and material for my stock shoots.  If you keep aware of the fact that your life experiences can provide material for your stock shoots, and you aren't afraid to dive in and make it happen, your life can truly boost your photography career!