Pictures of funny animals photographed doing the most amazing things!

I have been shooting pictures of funny animals for advertising clients, corporations, designers and magazines for 30 years. Much of it has been serious work with large budgets and copious amounts of pressure.  I have had repeat clients who appreciate my ability to perform for them.  But it wasn’t until I started creating the funny animal pictures that I could actually see that I brought something positive to people’s lives.


Funny animals - Animal Antics

A week after 9/11 I got an e-mail from a flight attendant telling me that one of my “funny cat pictures” had brought the first smile to her face in days.  Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get an e-mail from somewhere in the world from someone who just wants to say thanks for making them laugh or at least chuckle a little.   I get e-mails from Russia, Germany, Australia and beyond.  When I first began to make these “animal antics” images I had no idea how warmly people would respond to them.


I also get many requests from animal rescue organizations to provide them with images that they can use to help raise money for their rescue efforts.  It feels great to be able to contribute in a meaningful way.  It feels good to know that my work can help save an animal in need.


Even the process of making the images is more fun that the advertising work that I used to do.  I often find myself laughing out loud as I use Photoshop to composite the images together.  I work very closely with my Art Director, Collette Kulak, at Marian Heath greeting cards.  She has the major role in concepting the ideas…we then put our heads together to figure out the details of how we will make the images work.  We choose the animals (using Bow Wow Productions). Collette collects the props and scouts locations.  Together we shoot the various pets, props and locations…then I spend the next few weeks in front of the computer.  As I near completion I send the rough images to Collette.  She provides guidance for fine-tuning the images until we are satisfied that the images are complete.  We go through this process four times a year…we have been doing this now for over ten years and I look forward to our collaborations now more than ever.


Funny cat pictures, dog pictures and more

We have created this web site to help get these images out to even more of you…to provide printable funny animal pictures, to provide funny cat pictures for you cat lovers, humorous dog pictures for you dog lovers, pictures of puppies, pictures of  kittens, printable pictures of a variety of pets for everyone. To this end we have lined up ImageKind for high quality fine art prints, CaféPress for Posters, apparel, coffee mugs and other kinds of merchandise…and information to guide you if you need greeting cards, calendars or to license images for stock.


Again, the work is fun, the rewards are many and far reaching…and it is my hope that this work will enrich your life just a bit more too.