The Power of Positive

The Power of Positive Thinking - Implemented Stock Photographer Style

I’ve heard it said that if you believe you will succeed, or if you believe you will fail, you are right.  There is a lot of truth in that.  I have also heard it said, that as photographers, it is our responsibility to lead society.  As I write this we are in what is described as the worst recession since the great depression.  It feels as if all the news is doom and gloom.  I find myself being more careful in my spending, pulling back and even taking on a bit of a siege mentality.  Now the more we all do that, the worse our economy is going to get.  What can we, as stock photographers, do to help?  We can stay positive and we can make positive images.

The bright side

One way I am approaching my stock photography that allows me to create positive conceptual images and still feel like I am being fiscally responsible is to create images that cost little to nothing.  A great example of that is a picture I created just a couple of days ago.  The image illustrates the idea that no matter how dark things are, there is always a bright side.  That even when you are in a raging storm, on the other side of those clouds the sun is always shining.  The image shows a rainstorm of dark clouds, but above those storm clouds are light fluffy clouds and a shining sun. 

Pictures of clouds, rain and sun

The storm clouds and rain were photographed on a road trip through Colorado.  The transition was created using clouds I shot on a vacation in Hawaii.  The light fluffy clouds were shot here in Marin County and the sun was added using the Lens Flare filter in Photoshop.  Shooting weather, pictures of clouds, rain, and sun are free.  Photographs of beautiful landscapes are also free.  I say pretty much because I have accumulated a lot of my weather and landscape files while on trips.  I am also fortunate to live in the Bay Area where we have an abundance of scenic vistas ranging from mountains to the ocean, to draw upon.

In another case, again drawing upon my archives of clouds, I used Photoshop to create a smiley face in the sky.  Total cost, a few hours of digital work.  It isn’t the best selling image I have ever made, but pretty much every penny it does earn is profit.  Some images I undertake require enormous expense, and I certainly do my share of them.  But it always feels good to create an image with a high probability of selling that costs little to nothing to make.

Creativity and a positive attitude

In my final example, I have an image of a man’s hand holding a light bulb in front of the sun.  I found a friend who modeled for me for no charge.  Again, a positive image, about solar power, conservation, and even creativity, at minimal to no cost.  Powerful conceptual ideas that cost little to nothing are all around us; Ideas that are needed in the market, and that we can feel good about on several levels.  I know that it helps me stay positive when I make images I am proud of, and it certainly helps my wallet when they sell.  As a business owner it also feels good to stretch my dollars.  As with so much else in life, all it requires from us is creativity and a positive attitude.