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Funny Pictures - A Useful Marketing Tool

Laughter reduces our cravings for food, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, increases our threshold for pain and in large enough quantities even provides a workout!  But even more, laughter is about social relationships…it is about communicating shared understanding and approval.  It is about intimacy. If you’ve ever been to an online dating service you know one of the most sought-after qualities is the ability to “make me laugh”.

When looking through stock photography for funny pictures to solve a visual problem in advertising, it is good to remember that humor sells.  Many of the most memorable ad campaigns around have been based on humor.  The connect with those above-mentioned needs for shared understanding, approval and intimacy…but it can be risky.  When done well humorous advertising is as potent as advertising gets…but done poorly or insensitively it can quickly alienate your potential market.

Viral Marketing with funny pictures

The internet has become a hotbed of humorous viral marketing.  Perhaps the reason is that the visual product, a funny picture , for instance, can now be delivered digitally.  People respond to humor with their emotions not reason…and that gives an advertiser a chance to make a strong positive connection with their potential client.  Done well, humor is devastatingly effective, done poorly and it can be just as devastating in the other direction!

Here are some guidelines to help make sure that you make humor work for you and not against you.

Make the humor relavant to your product or service.

2.      People like to be entertained…use the humor to entertain your prospect.

3.      Avoid offensive humor.

4.      Know what is funny to your audience.

5.      Never use humor to deceive.

6.      Think differently…humor relies on the un-expected.

Whether your looking for Funny animal pictures for your own entertainment, humorous business situations for an advertisement, or lol pictures to share with your friends…you might just find it here. On this site we have printable funny pictures, stock images featuring humor, and funny photography available on a variety of merchandise items.  We hope you find something to tickle your funny bone!